Koppers Chocolate (explored)

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Koppers Chocolate (explored)

I do not get intimidated by much, especially as it relates to chocolate, but this line of chocolates scares me!  I have never seen more options in one place in my life  They have every flavor that I have ever dreamed about and then 100 more.


Koppers has been around since 1937 in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. If you have ever had a malted milk ball or chocolate cordial, chances are it came from here.  I remember my first Amaretto Cordial and Tiramisu and every fruit flavor on the planet, coffee, liquors, and even egg nog. If you ever try the maple  or hot cinnamon malted milk ball, you would be blown away.  The Ultimate Malted Milk Balls (Giant malted milk balls dipped in layers of dark, milk and white chocolate swirls) is amazing.

Explored at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.




Koppers Chocolate (Explored)Koppers - Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 (explored)

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