Chicago Hot Chocolate 5K–Running Down a Dream!

Running Down a Dream!!

In the movie theater, when Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of Chocolates”, I got a chill. Even then, I knew it was a great line but at the time really didn’t contemplate just how much that comment was meant for and about me!

Much of my life is now centered around Chocolate. My most recent Chocolate Adventure took me to the Windy City, Chicago, for the 14th Annual Hot Chocolate 5K-
exercise and chocolate, great idea. I was honored to be asked to be Ghirardelli’s celebrity mascot for the event. Spreading the “Eat More Chocolate” message while exercising (which I need to do) while eating and handing out Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares was a fantastic experience.

I warmed up with the elite athletes- Sprints, stretches and the usual pre-race hype and banter to try to psych out the opponents. It was a bit difficult to pull off though, since this was the first race I have ever participated in and I was wearing a 15-pound rubber suit. Needless to say, to keep my stellar physique in place, I decided to pace myself as exhibited in the video provided below! I started out of the gates like a racehorse vying for a Triple Crown Title, but after about 100-yards, resorted to a slow jog, simple walk, and at times, completely standing still (cheering everyone else on) and resuscitating myself!

Oh, by the way, that’s me in the Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Sundae outfit. Wore it for the entire 5K and then some. Hence the need to slow to a walk!

The experience of the crisp November weekend in Chi-Town was amazing. First off, a big thank you to the folks at RAM Racing for helping to get me set up at the race. Thank you to Ghirardelli for providing my outfit and supporting Eat More Chocolate. Another big thank you to my camera crew that had to endure walking backwards for 3.1+ miles, while filming.

Forty Thousand+ runners… and me. The warmth of the reception from the runners was terrific. I could not walk two feet without taking a picture with Hot Chocolate 5K and 15k participants. Our Eat More Chocolate Facebook page has shots of me with other runners. Feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook page too(EMCjoe). I even got thrown up on stage to perform with the band, in front of the 25,000 screaming fans that stayed for the after party.

I’ve never had such a great time and all for a great cause. I clocked in at 48:56 for the 5K. That’s an average of about 16:00 per mile. I will be running the RAM Racing Hot Chocolate 5K in Dallas next February, and we’ll see if we can trim that time to about 45:00.

Next up for me in the New York Chocolate Show. Our Eat More Chocolate team will be blogging from The Big Apple. Be sure to check back in. Until then, this is your fearless 5K leader signing off.

Eat More Chocolate!

Chief Chocolateater

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