Creme Egg or Nesteggs? – that is the question.

Easter already?  My local grocery store, Tom Thumb (Safeway) has just put out some of my favorite once-a-year treats, including Nestle Crunch NestEggs and Cadbury mini Creme Eggs.

This brings on the annual tug-a-war that I have with myself.  I love Nestle Crunch bars and the consistency of a smaller thicker Nestegg version seems to make the Crunch even better.  The Cadbury Creme Egg is really only readily available at Easter and is a seasonal favorite. The mini version is genius. How do they so exprertly mix the white and yellow creme into such a small chocolate “shell”?

So which one do I “go to” in a pinch?  The answer is quite simple: mix them in a bowl and grab which ever one my fingers get a hold of first.  This pot luck random selection process is great because I never lose!

Also, because I am eating the “minis” I can eat more and not feel guilty….. right?  : )

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