>Phily: Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolates – Hiding in Verde


MarcieBlaine Artisanal Chocolates is the creation of namesake Chef Marcie Blaine Turney.  The display is in the middle of  Verde,her boutique shop, with the kitchen hiding in the back.  
OK, not all of the chocolates I purchased made it home for my review,and I won’t admit to eating them all (though I did love every single bite), so I amable to report only some my favorites here:

SoftPretzel- peanut butter with pretzel pieces ganache.

PhillySkyline- crispy hazelnut milk chocolate praline
Sweet Lula- cardamom marshmallow, vanilla bean (very unique flavor- not your ordinarymarshmallow chocolate candy)
Busy Bee-lavender honey chocolate
PeppermintCrunch- crunchy mint ganache
SmokedBacon- dark chocolate infused with smoked bacon

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